We offer an alternative to just running a diesel generator. Our hybrid power solutions offer a cleaner, low carbon and noise reducing alternative. In some cases, eliminate a diesel generator altogether for truly clean, silent and carbon free power. Ideal for all temporary applications including construction, events, utilities, remote power and telecommunications amongst many others.


Save money through lower fuel consumption, fewer refilling visits, less generator servicing and use of smaller generators. Savings outweigh additional equipment costs. Save as much as £500 per week on a typical 100kVA installation.


For every litre of fuel saved, you reduce your CO2 output by 2.65Kg’s. A typical 100kVA
installation on a construction site can save the equivalent in CO2 as taking over 50 family cars off the road.


Making your generator work more efficiently means less fuel consumed, lower CO2, saves money and means fewer road trips to refuel. That, in turn means less pollution and cost savings. In some cases you can eliminate the need for a generator altogether so no fuel, no noise and no pollution or carbon emissions; just clean, silent power!


By making generators work more efficiently, in some cases eliminating a generator altogether, you reduce or eliminate the amount of diesel burned. This means significant impact on pollution. Significant Air Quality improvement is achieved with reduction in NOx, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and black particulates as well as substantially lower carbon footprint; all helping to make the air cleaner and reduce impact on global warming.


By eliminating the need for a generator altogether or significantly reducing running hours, you will reduce or eliminate the noise of a diesel generator. Modern generators have good sound reduction but nothing compared to the true sound of silence! Now you can have 24/7 power without the noise of a generator.

What is hybrid power?

Hybrid power is about using multiple energy resources to deliver the power you need in a smart and efficient way. We use high power, high efficiency energy storage technology (smart batteries) as an alternative means of providing electricity in temporary or remote locations rather than just burning through gallons of diesel.

Our technology can be used on it’s own or together with renewable energy sources (such as solar PV) to recharge the battery and so no need for a generator at all. Sometimes you will have access to a mains power connection but it’s capacity is not enough for your needs. In this case we can use the battery to top things up when power demand is high. When there is no mains and your power needs are more substantial, our technology can work with any conventional generator and achieve efficiency optimisation and turn the generator off when your power needs are low.
Just as for a hybrid vehicle, our solutions reduce your dependence on running a dirty diesel engine in order to generate power. In many cases you can eliminate the need for a generator altogether so there is no noise, no pollution and no fuel.

It is worth saying as a foot-note that not all circumstances suit hybrid solutions. If you’re looking to power the Blackpool Illuminations a well sized, efficiently loaded generator is likely to be the best option and we’d be happy to help you with that too.

What makes us different?

Our technology is different, to make it work effectively you need to think and act different and that’s what we do that others do not. We understand you need power; we recognise you want electricity and in
the cleanest, most efficient way but without costing you more money. That’s what we deliver.

We understand power and how you use it; we will show you what you use via our 24/7 monitoring platform and will work with you to achieve the best savings and the lowest emissions possible.










London Athletics 2017

“Thank you to Hybrid Power Hire who’s products have helped us achieve extremely portable power where needed. Using their battery/invertor based products we have been given the ability to quickly and easily provide power supplies for remote low requirement locations. This has saved a lot of logistical and resource challenges.”
– Events Project Manager, Aggreko

“Hybrid Power Hire provided a bespoke solution for our Experiential Vehicle launch at Canary Wharf London. The Unit supplied not only met but surpassed our expectations, with a comprehensive set of instructions made for easy use. I can honestly say that I look forward to using Hybrid Power Hire again in the near future.”

– TRO Group Project/Production Manager

“‘Really pleased there is an innovative Hybrid solution to temporary power that works.
Thank you Hybrid Power Hire for a professional approach and safe installation service that has already given us great benefits on site. Better air quality, silent power, less fuel without costing more!”

– Senior Building Manager, Willmott Dixon

“We utilised a pair of HPH Powercubes for the annual kew science festival. The event, targeted at children and families, is hosted in the middle of the gardend adjacent to the historic kew palace, and demonstrates the science behind kew’s work with plants and fungi around the world. In using the Powercubes we were able to run all equipment without fumes or noise of diesel generators running on site, whilst being able to use equipment, displays and lighting. The use of Powercubes as a recharged power source eliminated risks associated with fuel transportation and refilling, and greatly reduced our environmental and health impacts. I would recommend the use of HPH’s solutions to anyone planning events as a hassle free solution to their power needs”

-Events and Logistics Manager, Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW



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Nano Series

Available in models from 400VA to 3kVA and with battery capacity from 740Whrs to 5kWhrs.

Hand portable, ruggedised, solid state, silent power supplies. Either an alternative or a complement to portable petrol generators. The nano series are ideal for power tools, computer equipment, lighting,recharging battery appliances, medical, A/V & communications equipment and much more.

Accessories include solar PV charging kits, in-vehicle charging kit, trolly base, connection and cable sets.

Please see our rate card for a full list of models and options. This is available on request.

Single Phase

With power outputs from 5 to 30kVA at 230V or 110V single phase AC and battery capacity ranging between 15 and 60kWhrs, our single phase range provide higher power and stored energy capacity.

Suitable for powering one day events on their own or together with solar PV to support extend use. Units can also be used to support limited mains power supplies or to be used with a diesel generator. Security cabins, emergency power supply for homes, utility work, dedicated welfare loads, individual EV charging or remote monitoring are all typical examples of applications to which these units are ideally suited.

Accessories include solar PV charging kits, road tow trailer, earthing, connection and cable sets. Suitable for cascade connection for higher power and capacity.

Please see our rate card for a full list of models and options. This is available on request.

Three Phase

Our three-phase range deliver power outputs ranging from 15 to 180kVA at 400/230V threephase AC with battery capacity ranging between 45 and 300kWhrs.

Applications are as diverse as supporting the accommodation, welfare and site loads in construction, tower cranes, large outdoor events, remote pumping, multiple EV charging, telecommunications towers, emergency power for multiple properties amongst many other duties.

Accessories include solar PV charging kits, earthing, connection and cable sets. Suitable for cascade connection for higher power and capacity.

Please see our rate card for a full list of models and options. This is available on request.

Self Contained

Self Contained Our range of self contained hybrid power systems offer complete “all-in-one” systems ranging between 10 and 500kVA. Suitable for quick and easy deployment and capable of long autonomous operation, these systems include diesel generator, high capacity fuel tank, integrated battery storage and automatic remote monitoring systems.

Deliver, plug in, turn on and away you go! These solutions are commonly used by utilities for longer-term emergency power, in remote telemetry and monitoring applications and other similar situations that are unmanned for long periods or where frequent fuel deliveries are undesirable and costly.

Please see our rate card for a full list of models and options. This is available on request.