The rail network uses a series of permanent radio transmitters to enable communication with train drivers along the rail network. At Sutton Coldfield there is ‘black-spot’ which requires a new transmitter to be installed. Temporarily a mobile transmitter has been erected, but with no current mains connection a temporary power source is required.


The client was looking for a temporary power source that could run 24/7 & would require minimal attention. Originally the client asked for a solar panel solution, however, due to limited space this was discounted. The client then asked for the smallest generator complete with an external fuel tank, this would be a 20kva generator. They were advised against this due to the small power required – only 150Watts. The problem with this is that the generator would be heavily under-loaded which wouldn’t be good for the generator & would require daily attention and oil replenishment. We would not be able to supply any smaller generator as they are not capable of taking an external fuel tank & would therefore need refuelling. It would not be a supply & forget solution.

The most effective solution was therefore our gridtogo™ battery storage solution with remote monitoring, and a 20kva generator. In this genset solution the main power supply would come from the battery storage unit & the 20kva generator would only run when the batteries needed replenishing. The generator will only need to run for approx. 6-8 hours every week thus reducing the issues encountered with under-loading, and also saving approx. 400 Litres per week of diesel.



Hybrid Power Hire supplied technical support on site to ensure the installation was completed correctly. 


Generator run time was reduced by 161 hours per week, which gave a weekly reduction in fuel of approximately 400L. The average fuel price per L on site was 66p which equates to a weekly saving of £264.


Due to the proximity of the site to the live rail line, attending to make fuel delivery and for other maintenance involved a costly and convoluted process to grant permission and ensure it was safe to work.  Significant reduction in the need for refuelling the system had signifiant impact in this activity.


With the reduction of fuel and run time of the generator, the project saw significant CO2e savings.


“We were provided with a novel solution that overcame the challenge of having no available power supply. This helped us to get our equipment up and running in a timely manner to meet an urgent deadline on an operational network in which we play a key role as a trusted partner of the rail operator. The solution is intelligent, cost effective and environmentally friendly.”


Franc Volcansek

Senior Project Engineer, Telent


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A matter of fact summary of the science behind hybrid power systems and the benefits compared to running a diesel generator 24/7.


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Nano Series

Available in models from 400VA to 3kVA and with battery capacity from 740Whrs to 5kWhrs.

Hand portable, ruggedised, solid state, silent power supplies. Either an alternative or a complement to portable petrol generators. The nano series are ideal for power tools, computer equipment, lighting,recharging battery appliances, medical, A/V & communications equipment and much more.

Accessories include solar PV charging kits, in-vehicle charging kit, trolly base, connection and cable sets.

Please see our rate card for a full list of models and options. This is available on request.

Single Phase

With power outputs from 5 to 30kVA at 230V or 110V single phase AC and battery capacity ranging between 15 and 60kWhrs, our single phase range provide higher power and stored energy capacity.

Suitable for powering one day events on their own or together with solar PV to support extend use. Units can also be used to support limited mains power supplies or to be used with a diesel generator. Security cabins, emergency power supply for homes, utility work, dedicated welfare loads, individual EV charging or remote monitoring are all typical examples of applications to which these units are ideally suited.

Accessories include solar PV charging kits, road tow trailer, earthing, connection and cable sets. Suitable for cascade connection for higher power and capacity.

Please see our rate card for a full list of models and options. This is available on request.

Three Phase

Our three-phase range deliver power outputs ranging from 15 to 180kVA at 400/230V threephase AC with battery capacity ranging between 45 and 300kWhrs.

Applications are as diverse as supporting the accommodation, welfare and site loads in construction, tower cranes, large outdoor events, remote pumping, multiple EV charging, telecommunications towers, emergency power for multiple properties amongst many other duties.

Accessories include solar PV charging kits, earthing, connection and cable sets. Suitable for cascade connection for higher power and capacity.

Please see our rate card for a full list of models and options. This is available on request.

Self Contained

Self Contained Our range of self contained hybrid power systems offer complete “all-in-one” systems ranging between 10 and 500kVA. Suitable for quick and easy deployment and capable of long autonomous operation, these systems include diesel generator, high capacity fuel tank, integrated battery storage and automatic remote monitoring systems.

Deliver, plug in, turn on and away you go! These solutions are commonly used by utilities for longer-term emergency power, in remote telemetry and monitoring applications and other similar situations that are unmanned for long periods or where frequent fuel deliveries are undesirable and costly.

Please see our rate card for a full list of models and options. This is available on request.